The Top Fifteen Rules for Boys (Written by Boys for Boys) RULE #5–NO POOPING WITHOUT SPRAYING

For those new to this blog, for the past few posts, I’ve been addressing the 15 rules for boys that my 4- and 9-year-old sons, Luke and Patrick, made up all on their own. When I asked why they undertook this task, they said, “To make you and Dad happy.”

So far, I’ve listed the following four rules:
1. No punching.
2. No kicking.
3. No hitting really hard with swords.
4. No stabbing balls [testicles] with swords.

Today, I’m explaining Rule #5–No pooping without spraying.

First, I’d like to say that this rule shows the maturity of my sons. Not so long ago, it was an issue just to get them to remember to flush. I’ll never forget when Patrick was two, and I found him playing in the toilet water–toilet water filled with poop–because his 13-year-old brother had forgotten to flush. Horrifying.

But, at only four and nine, these two are far beyond flushing: That’s second nature. The problem is the lingering stench.

My husband has explained the concept of the “courtesy flush,” which I had never before heard of. It means that the moment you poop, you flush to eliminate the initial smell, flushing again if you poop further.

But my sons aren’t advanced enough to flush multiple times, so they’re courtesy measure is spraying. We have a special spray that we all enjoy: Glade’s Apple Cinnamon. It’s in every bathroom, at the ready.

So, although my sons can’t help but exude occasional stink–something none of us can avoid–they are courteous enough to spray some Glade Apple Cinnamon around, smothering the stink with the sweet smells of an autumn day. Hurray!

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