He’s Itchy–and Spoiled

Every morning, my 4-year-old son Luke claims to be itchy. The solution to his itchiness is called “scratchy,” which he requests from me, as in, “Will you do scratchy?”

Every Monday through Friday when he gets home from school, he wants to relax in front of the TV for a bit, while having a snack. (Apparently preschool is very stressful.) Then he’ll be itchy, so he’ll ask me to do scratchy, helpfully pulling up his pant legs, so I can scratch his little legs, as he reclines on the couch.

He still naps at 4 1/2, which is awesome, but he’s itchy before his nap. In this case, he’ll take off his shirt, so I can scratch his entire back. Plus his arms. He’ll also have taken shorts out of his drawer and switched from his pants to shorts so I can easily scratch his legs. As you can see, he’s very helpful with the entire “scratchy” process.

Every night, he is, of course, itchy. So he’ll only put on pajama shorts, because, after we read books, I have to give whole-body scratchy in order to relax him enough to go to sleep.

He and my 9-year-old son Patrick recently requested their own personal back-scratchers, which I bought on Amazon for about $2 each, plus free shipping. They came Friday, and they’re pretty cool, with telescoping arms. Last night, as I read Luke four of Mo Willems’ Elephant & Piggie books (all of which rock, by the way) and one Curious George book, he used the back-scratcher to scratch his own legs. But this was insufficient. He still required all-over scratchy before sleep.

If I added up the amount of time I have done scratchy, I’d feel like an idiot, I’m sure. But I love him, and he loves “scratchy.” This morning, after I performed the task, he said, “When you do scratchy, it feels sooooooooo good–because you’re my Mama.”

I get something out of it too. He won’t always want me to touch him in such an intimate way. I know this: My 9-year-old is repulsed if I kiss him.

Plus, when he’s relaxing while I do scratchy, he looks like an angel. A spoiled one.

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