I Feel Bad About My Neck

Nora Ephron wrote a book of essays with this title, and I identify.

Yesterday, when I wrote about having the same nose as Boston Bruins hockey player Chara, I had my husband take a picture of my profile, because I wanted to put a picture of my actual nose along with my post.

And there I was worried about having the same nose as Chara–until I saw the pictures.

I realized I don’t consider my broken nose a problem. I’ve had it for 38 years, so I’m used to it. It’s not perfect, mind you, but it’s mine.

What upset me as I looked at the pictures is my neck.

I’ll be 45 at the end of the month, and my neck is the reality of aging.

I have other signs of aging, but I can camouflage them. Bras lift up my breasts. Spanx suck in my stomach. But I have short hair, so I have nothing to cover up my loose neck skin. I have no long, sweeping locks with which to hide my sagging neck in profile.

My short hair is “me.” Plus my hair is too thin to be long. So I just need to come to terms with my profile, aging neck and all.

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