Chara and I Have the Same Nose

I broke my nose when I was seven.

I had been in my backyard playing an idiotic game I had invented—flinging one of our swing set’s rectangular, white-plastic seats up in the air, away from me, then catching it as it swung back. I missed once, and the hard seat smacked me full-force in the nose.

Interestingly, I was never taken to the doctor.

But my nose was broken: A large bump developed, not so obvious from the front, but very blatant from either side.

From second through eighth grades, male classmates mocked me, often calling me “camel nose” and “hump nose.” Because I was considered smart, they’d taunt, “’The Nose’ always knows.”

When I cried to my parents, they’d claim that my nose had never been fractured, that it, complete with its bump, was the way it always had been. But I found proof: A profile picture of me at age six, sitting on the couch while holding my newborn brother, in which I had an adorable, turned-up, non-camel-humped nose.

Before the NHL championship game the other night, I saw Zdeno Chara, captain of the Boston Bruins, interviewed. He turned at one point, showing his profile, and I then turned to my husband and said, “I have the same nose as a 6′8″ professional hockey player.”

He said, “I like your nose.”

“You like my nose?”

“Well, it’s your nose.”

I love that man…

Go Blackhawks!

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