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July 14th, 2011 | Tags:
Luke at 14 months

Luke at 14 months

I haven’t posted in almost a year, because of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed post-bed rest and post-C-Section, not to mention, at the ripe age of 42, being the mother of a newborn. When I have had any free time, I’ve napped.

However, 15 months into my son Luke’s life, I’m starting to feel like myself again, so I want to make writing a priority as it was before he was born.

Plus, two weeks ago, my friend Cecilia had an intervention with me: She told me to “just go home and write.” She said, when I was blogging constantly, every night she’d prop herself up in bed, plop her laptop on her lap, and “check in to see what was going on with MK.” She said she suspected I’d touched a lot of people with my posts.

Although I didn’t just “go home and write” that night, I’ve been thinking about writing, which is the precursor to actually writing.

Then last night I knew I had material, thanks to my six-year-old son Patrick, who is an excellent source of material, actually. At bedtime, after Patrick and I finished reading, we talked for a few minutes about our day, and he announced, “Mom, there are two kids in my [sports] camp who are fat like you. Maybe their moms signed them up so they lose some weight.”

So, in addition to making writing a priority, I need to focus on losing the rest of my pregnancy weight. Fat camp, perhaps?

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