Take 42 Years, Add 25 Unnecessary Pounds

On February 24, I wrote a post titled “Face vs. Ass” about the face-versus-body dilemma taunting many aging women, at least those women unwilling to use extraordinary means to look young: http://www.mkkennedy.com/2010/02/face-versus-ass/

Today, five months later, nearly four months since my son was born on April 5, I’ve lost 42 of the 67 pounds I gained during my two in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles and my pregnancy.

This sounds impressive, I know.

But I lost the first 40 of these 42 pounds in the first five weeks after my son was born—effortlessly.

In the 11 weeks since, I’ve lost only two pounds, regardless of round-the-clock breastfeeding, which is chunking up my 3½-month-old son Luke, but not de-chunking me.

Last Saturday, my friend Chris, whom I’ve known for 26 years, and I got pedicures together, with Luke in tow, because he is that well-behaved. Because my 42nd birthday was four days later—yesterday—we were talking about aging, about the progressive changes to our bodies, from wrinkles to aching body parts.

In the midst of our chatter, she said, “You don’t have a wrinkle on your face.”

I do often have wrinkles on my forehead because my facial expressions reveal them, but I have these lines hidden by bangs.

But as far as my 42-year-old face, my 25 pounds of excess baggage are an amazing cover-up. Even when I smile, I only have a few wrinkles underneath my eyes; my previous ones on the side of each eye are gone.

With my 25 unnecessary pounds, I’ve drastically reduced the aging appearance of my face.

As far as my backside, my husband gave me a birthday card featuring a woman gazing at her ample derriere in a full-length mirror. She is, by the way, wrinkle-free. The card reads, “Happy Birthday to my wife who’s still ‘got it’…”

Whether I’m fit or fat, my husband thinks I’ve still got it.

So the dilemma isn’t face vs. ass, but how to find a man or woman who loves you regardless.

I didn’t get married until I was 38½, but I’ve got one.

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