Hospitalized: The Pre-Term Bleeding Has Begun…

After six days of feeing Zen since my last appointment, the one in which I learned that my “world-record-length” cervix was closed and my placenta previa had improved “a bit,” I went to the bathroom to find a blood-soaked incontinence pad and bright-red blood gushing into the toilet bowl.  My placenta is bleeding, so I am in labor-and-delivery at the hospital, while the doctors and nurses evaluate me and my son, who is 25 weeks in utero.

Dr. D, one of the doctors in my high-risk pregnancy practice, said the bleeding isn’t dangerous at this point, meaning that the placenta is still serving its purpose, eliminating the need to deliver my son this early.  But, I will be hospitalized for five to seven days while my placenta previa and my son’s condition are monitored, and, when I’m released, she said, “You’ll be home in bed.”

I’m shocked. 

I didn’t expect to start bleeding after my placenta had moved up “a bit.” 

I thought, with my cervix so long—6 cm—and closed, incompetent cervix, which I’d previously experienced starting at 27 weeks of pregnancy with my almost-5-year-old son, wasn’t going to be an issue this time.  Dr. M, the head of my high-risk pregnancy group, just told me six days ago that, with a 6 cm cervix at almost 25 weeks of pregnancy, he wasn’t concerned about pre-term delivery. 

But, here I am, hospitalized, with a team of medical professionals doing everything to ensure my little guy stays put.

My cervix still looks closed.  The baby’s heart rate and movement are normal.  I’m not having contractions or cramping.  If nothing goes awry, I’ll be moved upstairs to a “permanent” room in about an hour.

I’ve received my first steroid injection to advance my son’s development in case he is delivered pre-term.  I’ll receive my second injection tomorrow night.  I’ve been through this before—at 27 weeks of pregnancy with my 4-year-old—and the steroid will jumpstart the development of my son’s brain, lungs, heart and “gut,” so, if born early, his body will be “older” than his gestational age, increasing the likelihood of his survival, of him not having long-term developmental delays, etc.

In five minutes, I’m receiving an injection of Rhogam®.  I need it because I have Rh- blood, while my husband has Rh+, so the baby’s blood could also be Rh+.  If my son is Rh+, and he bleeds, my body would start to reject him, unless I have the Rhogam.  Yes, I have a lot of issues…

I’m starving, but, according to Katie, my nurse, I’m not allowed to have anything by mouth at this point, just in case.

I’m worried about my husband, whom I sent home an hour and a half ago.  I know it’s hard for him to be on the sidelines, concerned about me and our baby boy. 

Before my next-door neighbor came over to pick up my son tonight, I calmly explained to him that Daddy and I had to go to the hospital because I had started bleeding, and he was going next-door to play with his three neighbor friends, and he might spend the night.  He begged, “Oh, can I please spend the night?”  He just viewed the evening as an adventure, thankfully.

My husband picked him up before 8 p.m., so he’s in his own bed. 

My husband is going to work from home tomorrow, and I already have a play date set up for my son between his morning soccer class and afternoon preschool, so he’ll have a great day. 

Friday, my husband said he will work from home again.  We have my 14-year-old stepson this weekend, so he and my husband can tag-team Friday night, Saturday and Sunday, until he goes to a Sunday-night slumber party.  Monday is Martin Luther King Jr., Day, so it’s a school holiday, and, if my husband has to go into the office, my friend Jessica has already offered to take my son.  And, we’ll work it out from there.  Thank God for good friends.

Please pray that my bleeding stops, so my baby boy can be delivered at term.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

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