From Hospital to “Home Sweet Home”

Yesterday, Sunday, around 12 noon, I was discharged from the hospital, earlier than anticipated.  Why?  Dr. O, the doctor in my high-risk pregnancy practice who was doing rounds this weekend, was more relaxed than the previous two doctors I’d seen since being admitted to labor-and-delivery for pre-term bleeding on Wednesday night. 

Both Dr. D and Dr. E had wanted to keep me hospitalized for several days post-bleeding.  But, because I hadn’t bled since 9:15 a.m. Friday, more than 48 hours, Dr. O asked me if I wanted to go home.  I’d been prepared to beg…

Dr. O also sat with me and explained that it is very rare for placental bleeding to become so severe as to warrant pre-term delivery—a calming statistic that neither of my other two doctors had mentioned.  However, he said that the doctors in the practice are very cautious, choosing not to take risks with a mother’s and baby’s health. 

Of course, I appreciate the levels of concern and conscientiousness:  It’s just that, because I was no longer bleeding, I wanted to be home.

My “Antepartum Discharge Instructions” for Vaginal Pelvic Bleeding/Preterm Labor are as follows, word-for-word:

  1.  Pelvic rest for 4 weeks to include no sexual intercourse or orgasms, no douching and no tampons.
  2. Bedrest with bathroom privileges for 2 weeks – reassess activity restrictions at prenatal visits.
  3. Large volumes of non-alcoholic fluids such as fruit juices, milk, soup, and especially water should be taken.  Generally two to three quarts per day as described. 
  4. Take medications as prescribed.
  5. Notify your doctor immediately in the event of:
    1. An increase in baseline frequency of contractions
    2. Greater than 4 contractions per hour, not responsive to 1-2 hours of rest and hydration
    3. New backache
    4. Increased vaginal discharge
    5. Leakage of fluid
    6. Vaginal bleeding
    7. Cramping
    8. Pelvic pressure or feeling of fullness

Yesterday, upon returning home, I snuggled with my nearly 5-year-old son on the couch for several hours, feeling as if I couldn’t get enough of him.  He must have felt the same, because, when I went upstairs to my bedroom to take a nap, he followed and sat next to me, playing games on my iPhone® while I slept.  Last night, we watched Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl together, while my husband and 14-year-old stepson were out to see The Book of Eli.  After the movie, we played dominoes, then he had a solo dance party while I lounged on the couch.

As we talked in his bed last night, I asked him what it was like when I was in the hospital.

“It was like nothing.”

“What does that mean?”

“It was like nothing.  It was like a monster house.  I kept saying, ‘I want to go see Mom.  I want to go see Mom.’”

“What do you mean it was like a monster house?”

He couldn’t explain.

Hospital Balloons Best“But,” he offered, “we visited you every day.  And, I brought you a balloon every day—two smiley faces and one heart that says, ‘I Love You.’”

Yes, he, my husband and my stepson did visit every day.  But, two hours of visiting isn’t the same as all-day-long access.

I am so happy to be home.

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