“Why Fuck Up a Good Relationship by Getting Married?”


To explain why each four-day Thanksgiving Break is particularly special to me, I need to start with a direct quote from a boyfriend on the one-year anniversary of our first date:  “Why fuck up a good relationship by getting married?”

This blunt boyfriend is now my husband, so obviously his heart and head led him, a divorced man, to have faith in our relationship, enough faith that he was willing to get married a second time. 

He asked me to marry him four years ago during Thanksgiving Break, just six months after our one-year anniversary.

And, when he asked me, down on one knee, ring in hand, on the beach, at sunset, I responded, “Of course!” 

He, expecting a simple “yes,” was thrown off, so he asked what my answer was. 

Crying, I repeated, “Of course!”  And, after swiftly placing that gorgeous engagement ring on my finger, I hugged him.

After reveling in how much we love each other and how happy we were to be engaged, we went to dinner at a local restaurant.  As soon as we sat down, my brand-new fiancé told me that he wanted to adopt my son.

We got married three years ago this December, and the Monday after our wedding, my husband started the adoption process.

Thanksgiving Break is so special to me, because every Thanksgiving Break I relive how powerful true love can be.  In my life, true love enabled my previously divorced husband to be 100% sure that he wanted to get married again because he wanted me to be his wife.  And, in my son’s life, true love enabled him, the child of an anonymous sperm donor, to have a Daddy, a Daddy who loves him just as much as he does his two biological sons. 

Thanksgiving Break is so special to me because it’s proof that love makes a family. 

Love makes a family, and I love mine.

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