Seriously Sick with a Sinus Infection

For almost two weeks, my immune system—weakened by pregnancy, stress and insomnia—has failed me.  I have a sinus infection that won’t die. 

My temperature is consistently low:  It was 98.1 degrees at last Tuesday’s appointment with my high-risk pregnancy practice and 97.4 today.  And, my doctors are unconcerned unless my temperature reaches 100, so I’m on my own.

I have severe headaches, congestion, and all-day and all-night coughing.  After initially trying to tough it out medication-free, I started taking Sudafed® and Robitussin® (without alcohol), which are safe during pregnancy.  However, they have had little impact because I don’t get enough sleep.

Last Monday, my grandmother passed away, so I spent any free time the rest of the week preparing for my son’s and my trip to Long Island for her wake and funeral.  My son, ever-growing, had not one item of appropriate clothing that still fit, and I, pregnant and ever-growing, had to sort through boxes and bags of borrowed maternity clothes, trying to determine what would work, before spending money on any other necessary items.  I spent ample time at discount retailer Marshalls® before having to resort to Macy’s®, where, with its 40%-off sale and my 20%-off coupon, I bought my son a winter dress coat for $25.  Even when exhausted and sick, bargain shopping invigorates me.

From Saturday through Monday, my son and I were on Long Island, going from morning ‘til night, visiting with my relatives; attending the wake, the funeral, and after-funeral luncheon; then traveling home.

For the three days we’ve been back, I’ve been living every-day life—caring for my son, driving four 4- and 5-year-old boys to and from preschool, serving as a room parent for my son’s class, writing my blog posts, doing the laundry, shopping, sorting through paperwork, babysitting for 4-year-old twins for 2 ½ hours this morning (I took them bowling), spending a few minutes of quality time with my husband on the nights he’s home, having nightmares, waking up in the middle of the night and struggling for hours to fall back asleep, and so on. 

Even being so busy, I can’t keep up because I’m not at 100%.  I’m not even at 50%.  I have piles of paperwork to read, file or respond to.  I have mounds of maternity clothes, loaned to me by friends, to try on.  I have three closets to organize.  I want to be spending more time writing my book.  I want to be making bead jewelry for a pre-holiday show at my house.   I want to get together with my friends.  I want to get more sleep.

If I just spent my nightly hours of insomnia dealing with my to-do list, I’d be better off.  I’d still be overtired, but my life would be in order.  But, I’m not at my best at 3 a.m. 

My sweet 4-year-old son does let me sleep in every morning, as long as he can watch a TV show.  He’ll come into my bedroom between 6:30 and 7 a.m., announce, “Mama, it’s morning,” then state with authority, “I know that you need to sleep more, because of the baby in your belly, so you can sleep next to me, while I watch a show.”

Of course, it’s difficult to sleep when the TV is on, but I’m desperate, so I’m learning to adapt.  Hopefully, by getting a few extra minutes of sleep in the mornings, thanks to my compassionate son, I’ll kick this sinus infection ASAP.  Hopefully.

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