Headache and Urine Leakage

I can’t write today—except for these few paragraphs of excuses.  I had a 44-hour-long headache that affected the past two nights of sleep, so I’m tired and grumpy and feeling low.  Also, I’ve started experiencing “urine leakage,” which is putting me over the edge. 

I just re-read the information about my three-times-daily vaginal dosage of Endometrin®, and the progesterone can cause a urinary tract infection (in 1% of women), but I don’t feel like I have an infection:  I’m just releasing urine with no warning and with no knowledge, until I feel the wetness, which is enough to leak through my underwear and shorts.  

I showed my husband the damage tonight, and he said, “That’s horrifying.” 

And, it is. 

How much more does this IVF cycle have to ask of me?

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