Exhausted: Advanced Maternal Age, Pregnancy and Progesterone

I am exhausted all the time.  But, then again, I’m 41, out of shape, pregnant with twins, and hopped up on progesterone in my IVF doctor’s attempt to keep my uterine lining thick, so I don’t miscarry.

Today, it is rainy for the third straight day, so I felt justified to stay in the house with my 4-year-old son.  We got a new, cheaper cable system yesterday, so we spent all day today in either bed or on our couches, watching the kids’ movies The Iron Giant and Zathura, then taking a nap.  Well, I took a two-hour nap, and he “rested” beside me until he couldn’t take the boredom anymore. 

After he announced that he had to get up, because he “absolutely, positively was not tired,” I said I needed to sleep longer.  He said he’d go to play, then sweetly shut the bedroom door behind him to make the room dark again.

In Zathura, one of the main little-boy characters gets to wish on a shooting star—twice. 

About 20 minutes ago, my son came in to still-sleeping me, and he asked, “Ma, do you know what I wished on a shooting star?”


“That you would wake up—every day.”

Oh, the guilt…

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